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Global Service Solutions – GSS for short – we have made it our own personal mission to find viable solutions for both businesses and the everyday consumer. By combining our industry leading solutions with joint venture partners all over the globe we are working very hard to help bring the world back to a sense of normalcy. Through the combination of high tech provided by amazing technology partner companies and the high touch solutions of our products, we are actively providing solutions that can help communities the world over return to the life they once knew.

Our goal is simple. We want families to be able to return to work, school and play as soon as possible. We want them to be able to do this in a way that is safe, secure and without having to compromise on living the life they wish to live.

We cannot achieve this goal alone. We need competent partnerships – with people exactly like you - to help make sure that our solutions are available in every community around the world. The future of our families depends on it. Together, we can change the world.

Look at our Flagship Product “Danolyte” and our QPCR testing / Environmental testing products. You as a company can check environments for the SarsCov2 virus as well as Kill the Virus with our products. If you are a “Clia” certified “High Complexity” laboratory testing for Covid, GSS has the testing equipment to minimize your costs and maximize your profits. Also, we have QR Codes that identify when the facility in question was last diagnosed, cleaned, and disinfected for Covid 19. With our temperature reading, and facial reading technology to minimize the risks of your company, or your clients company, WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP SHOP SOLUTION.

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