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Who we are

Sedgwick offers customized managed repair, restoration and mitigation through our network of certified local, regional and national contractors. We identify, deploy and manage resources on behalf of both the carrier and property owner throughout the entire restoration process. Sedgwick's repair solutions team has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most trusted names in the insurance restoration industry.

What we Offer


We execute the most elite selection process in the industry.

North America’s most elite insurance carriers trust Sedgwick's repair solutions team to credential only the most talented, successful and professional contractors in the business. We cater to the most discerning carriers who would not expect anything less. All network service providers undergo a thorough credentialing process and are recertified annually.

All participating service providers possess the following:

  • Extensive financial review
  • Annual background checks
  • Insurance certificates
  • Proven industry experience
  • Business license verification
  • EPA lead certification
  • Closed file reviews
  • Letters of recommendation


Our service providers and their employees hold certifications including:

  • Certified Restorer (CR)
  • Certified Mold Remediator (CMR)
  • Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor (CMRS)
  • Water Loss Specialist (WLS)


Our process of credentialing and ongoing training requirements ensures that our repair solutions team consists of the most elite and qualified restoration specialists, guaranteeing you and your policyholder an exceptional level of workmanship, professionalism and efficiency.


Policyholders expect their lives to be restored with a higher level of service than ever before. Even North America’s largest and most efficient carriers cannot do this alone.

That’s where Sedgwick's repair solutions come in.

Our unparalleled ability to handle any loss of any size, combined with our comprehensive claims management platform, has allowed insurance carriers the ability to dramatically improve the experience of their policyholders to increase client retention and customer satisfaction.


Above and beyond all else, we are committed to excellence.

Sedgwick's repair solutions team is committed to quality and guarantees transparency of our workmanship to you and your policyholder, which adds value and an advantage. We cater to a discerning carrier whose desire to elevate the customer experience is at the top of their list.

Our quality assurance program strives to improve your service experience by ensuring that our providers are following client-specific program requirements and Sedgwick's repair solutions service requirements. The following tools and processes are available for assessing quality and provide accurate and useful data used to track trends and manage contractor performance:

  • File audits: assignments are desk audited to gauge technical accuracy of the estimate and file documentation.
  • Re-inspections: select assignments are physically re-inspected to gauge customer satisfaction, technical accuracy, and a quality work product.
  • Customer service surveys: customer surveys are conducted to measure factors such as satisfaction with contractor timeliness, professionalism, quality of work, and Net Promoter Scoring.
  • Performance metrics: key performance metrics are captured, measured, and shared with each contractor to drive high performance results. Contractors who do not perform within our standards and the client requirements will be removed from the program.


By continually measuring and assessing service providers, we are able to provide you and your policyholders an exceptional level of expertise, professionalism and efficiency.


Ensure our service providers perform to the highest standards possible.

Once approved to be a part of Sedgwick's repair solutions network, the service provider is then placed through a rigorous performance-based management system, ensuring they perform according to the highest standards possible. We have a built-in performance rating program that monitors and triggers all service standards customizable to your particular program.

Service providers receive frequent ratings, from the moment they receive their first claim. Ratings are based on the following metrics:

  • Contact time
  • Inspection time
  • Documentation upload
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Projects completed and files closed (overall time in process)
  • Service level failure ratings
  • Photos upload standards
  • Note and file update standards
  • File cycle time standards

Sedgwick will make available monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports to ensure you know the efficiency of your claims program, every step of the way.


Cost effective and efficient service always

Increased project performance equates to more efficient jobs and file handling. Sedgwick ensures that not only will more projects be completed sooner, at or under budget, and on time, but that your policyholder’s experience will not be impacted in a negative way.

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