Nero Global Tracking

Nero Global Tracking is a leading GPS fleet management and equipment tracking solution that helps restoration businesses increase asset ROI, streamline operations, and increase revenue.

Benefits of fleet tracking

  • Reduce risk of accidents by managing driver behavior
  • Reduce fuel costs by managing idle times
  • Improve productivity with optimized fleet operations
  • Instantly find and dispatch the closest vehicle

The Nero Global asset tracking system provides better visibility of your job critical equipment to improve asset utilization. Automatically know when equipment has been dropped off to a site, time-on-site for each piece of equipment, and whether it is still generating revenue for you.

Benefits of asset tracking

  • Reduce human error - no manual scanning required
  • Retrieve and redeploy equipment that would otherwise sit idle
  • Avoid ghost assets in your inventory
  • Improve your customer service with faster response times

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