Bull Bag

We are a specialty reusable dumpster bag built for contractors. The BullBag Product is a new and unique way of getting rid of debris on a job site without the headaches of have a large dumpster on site. This will not damage driveways, lawns or patio areas. The bag holds up to 10 cubic yards with a 4,500 lb weight capacity and fits easily in any vehicle for immediate use wherever needed (*sets up is in less than 5 minutes).

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At this time, Bull Bag operates in certain areas of the U.S. Please check this list to see if you are eligible to receive their product

Key Features To BullBag Partnership:

  • You know your budget upfront
    • No surcharges
    • Pay the amount filled not weight
    • Up to 10 cubic yards - 4500 lbs
  • Multiple bags on job site can be place in different areas to gain efficiencies
  • No waiting on dumpster deliveries - customer has bag in hand
  • Discount rate of 12% off market pricing
  • Can be place where dumpsters can't go
  • Only needs 40' for truck for pick up vs 80' for standard roll back dumpster
  • Bags can be placed on elevated job site - up to 14'
  • Bull Bag truck has a 20' reach on boom
  • Does not damage surfaces
  • Can be placed inside - truck can have boom slide bag out before lifting
  • Water permeable
  • Bags are reusable - come with a lifetime warranty
  • Bags ordered direct with BullBag $35.00 plus $10.00 drop ship direct (5 day shipping time)
  • Orders for pick up/bag purchase can be done on 866-414-BULL (2855) Ext.1 or service@thebullbag.com
    • Options at disposal - bag folded, bag reset, disposal of bag
  • Select Home Depot and retailers' bags at $39.00
  • Pick up within 48 hours
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • PROMO Code SEDGWICK at time of disposal for discount

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